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Asphalt Paving Services and Repair

Hot Mix asphalt is the number 1 choice for parking lots, roads and driveways because of it durability, longevity, ease of installation in comparison to concrete and for its lower cost.
Hot mix comes in many varieties and substrate sizes. It is ideal for almost any application. Our Professional crew has been installing hot mix asphalt for over thirty years.
Asphalt can last for many years, and it is easier to repair than conventional concrete surfaces.
We have the knowledge, skill and equipment to install or repair your asphalt pavement.

From bare ground to complete overlays, we can install or repair your pavement.


Seal Coating and Striping


Protect new asphalt or rejuvenate old asphalt to extend its life and durability by applying asphalt seal coating.
It will help protect new asphalt from weather, and wear or apply it to older asphalt to bring back its color and help it maintain its durability.
Combine it with professional striping for you parking lots to bring new life to your pavement.

We use the highest quality sealant to help protect you pavement so you will get many years of beneficial use.

Base Work / Level & Grading

We also install base substrate and offer grading services. Whether it is prep work for new installations or whether you prefer the convenience of a limestone or crushed concrete surface, we can install and level your base materials.

We can also dig out and remove bad sub base and install a stabilized replacement for problem areas.

Problems with frequent potholes or sinking areas are a result of a bad underlying base material. Let us repair those problem areas.


Culverts and Drainage Installation

Drainage is one of the most important parts of any pavement installation. Without proper drainage and runoff, water can pool and collect on you pavement. Water will seep through pavement to the sub base causing washout. When washout occurs damage can begin to develop.

We are highly experienced with installing culverts and drainage. If you need culverts, run off ponds or drainage ditches, we have the equipment to make sure water flows away from your pavement.

We also offer many other services to help with the up keep of your pavement.
We also offer :
Recycled Asphalt Pavements
Parking lot cleaning and maintenance
Tar and Chip also known as chip seal
Pressure washing

We are sure we can meet any need for your projects. Give us a call today to find out what Pave-It can do for you!


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